Web Design
8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. -- Monday Thru Friday
18 WEEKS--450 CLOCK HOURS--Cost $6500

Program Description

Elements of Web Design remains a favorite for graphic designers, making the transition to the world wide web, now known as the dot coms. The program covers the entire design process, from graphic design to dynamic HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). This program is an indispensable source of practical advice and creative inspiration of web graphics tools and techniques. With the web being the fastest-growing portion of the Internet, there's an ever-growing thirst for knowledge of learning to create professional looking Web Sites. The student will combine graphic design skills and fuse them with their web skills to produce media-rich content and create stunning visual effects for web media. High school diploma or equivalent for admission.

Computer Basics: 30 Clock Hours

During the last 15 years, we in education have moved at light speed in the area of educational technology. Whether you are involved in higher ed, or secondary ed, all of us find it difficult to catch up, keep up, and put up with fast-moving computer-based technology. Not since the introduction of the blackboard have we seen a piece of equipment make such a difference in how we learn. Today, not only do we use computers, but we also have laptops, wireless laptops, and tablet PCs. In addition, we have the World Wide Web.

Microsoft Word: 30 Clock Hours

Become familiar with Word for letter and report writing. Students will learn the use of tool bars to edit, format, cut, paste and correct errors in Word.

Graphic Tools for Design: 30 Clock Hours

Learn the essential planning and reference guides for preparation and production of typography along with electronic prepress imaging, printing and digital media.

Photoshop: 90 Clock Hours

Students will learn the premiere image-creating program to round off their Graphic skills. Using rasterized images students will learn methods of retouching and special effects along with many other tips and tricks.

Illustrator: 90 Clock Hours

Utilized by many graphic designers, Illustrator proves to be the leading illustration program in the field. Students will utilize drawing tools to create illustrations, along with 3 dimensional objects.

Flash: 90 Clock Hours

Flash is the professional standard for producing high-impact Web experiences. Flash delivers an intuitive, approachable authoring environment todesigners and developers to enhamce the next-generation web sites.

Dreamweaver: 90 Clock Hours

Learn the development language to create your own web sites along with Dreamweaver the industry-leading web authoring program. Whether you create websites for a living or for own business, Dreamweaver offers you all the tools to create professional quality results. Dreamweaver is a flexible design tool that offers unparalleled precision and control.

Possible Fields of Employment
15-1134 Web Designers, Web Developers