8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday
Certificate Program -- 18 Semester Credits
18 Weeks -- 450 Clock Hours --- Cost $6500

Program Description

Welcome to the World of 3ds Max! Learn this powerful animation software and you will gain the skills and knowledge required to make your mark in today's professional 3-D graphics market. Today's field of 3-D animation represents a new generation of sophisticated computer graphics technology and professional animators. The collection of tutorials in this course will sweep you into the land of 3D movie making. Whatever you can see with your mind's eye, you can bring to life using 3ds Max . High school diploma or equivalent for admission.

Photoshop: 90 Clock Hours (See GraphicDesign for course description)

Illustrator: 90 Clock Hours (See GraphicDesign for course description)

Flash: 90 Clock Hours (See GraphicDesign for course description)

Modeling, Materials, and Mapping: 90 Clock Hours

This section will introduce you to modeling in 3ds Max. Modeling in 3D can be compared to sculpting. Many techniques can be used to create objects in your scene. The techniques learned are adaptable to any style of modeling. For instance, if you're building models that will be incorporated into a game, you'll be most interested in low polygon modeling techniques. The same techniques will be equally beneficial when building highly detailed models for presentations or motion pictures. The tutorials in this section are geared for the beginner to intermediate level modeler. Beyond modeling techniques, each tutorial exposes you to the Material Editor and shows you how to apply materials to objects in your scene. That familiarity with these tools will help when you dive into Materials and Mapping tutorials. You will learn how to use 3ds Max for creating materials and maps, applying them to your models and scenes.You'll also learn the new tools in 3ds Max for using materials and maps.

Lighting and Animation Lights are a fundamental part of 3ds Max. They provide realism by casting shadows and indirect light that help illuminate and draw attention to different parts of your scene. In 3ds Max there are two types of lights: standard and photometric. Standard lights are useful for quick renderings where accuracy and realism are not required. Photometric lights simulate real-world lights and when used in conjunction with the radiosity system, they provide a much more accurate way to light your scene. The downside of photometric lights is that they require a much greater degree of precision and completeness in your models. Scenes with photometric lights and radiosity also take much longer to render than standard lights.

Animation: 90 Clock Hours

Learn the fundamentals of creating animation with 3ds max. You will gain expertise and understanding in how to animate using the 3ds Max.

Rendering and Professional Gaming:

In these tutorials you'll learn how to render output in 3ds Max. Introduction to rendering presents a variety of lessons for producing still images and animation. Rendering with Video Post, shows you how to utilize the built-in post-processing tools for special effects. Learn to take advantage of many features in 3ds Max that are useful in the production of computer games and videogames. Topics covered include vertex coloring, level design, modeling low-polygon characters and objects, and texture mapping.

Film, Broadcast Production, Reactor and Flex for Simulation:

If you are planning on working in film or broadcast industry these tutorials will teach you how to create special effects and flying logos. You will learn to use the Particle Flow system to design sophisticated event driven animations. Additional tutorials will teach camera techniques such as camera mapping, matching and tracking, well as scripting for special effects. One of the most powerful tools in 3ds max is its ability to realistically recreate physical environments and materials. Learn to apply the Flex Modifier to quickly apply realistic rubber or cloth behavior to an object. However, for truly realistic physical simulations few products are as complete as Reactor. Reactor introduces you to both the Flex Modifier along with other Reactor tools.

Possible Fields of Employment
27-1014 Animators 3D, Animators, Multimedia